Be a part of the Wonderful Truzted Team!

Are you amazing? Are you passionate? Are you relentless? What makes you feel alive? Have you always secretly wished to have a chance to change the world? Are you motivated by the idea of creating a better future? Are you really good at what you do? Would you like to be part of history by making a contribution that will truly impact the world? Do you feel you are not getting enough recognition for your work where you’re currently employed? Do you feel a sense of not belonging where you are? Do you feel like your full potential is not being used and that you could do much better, if only you were allowed to or were given the means to create and the power to take initiative? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, please come home to us, where you belong. Come home to Truzted, where you will be valued not only as a person, but also as a cherished team member. We promise you will feel right at home.

Are you an experienced software engineer currently working for one of the established companies? Applying is worth a try and it’s confidential. We offer everything they offer and much more. We’ll make you an offer you’d be nuts to refuse. We cannot wait to have you here.

At Truzted, we are redefining what it means to have a job you cannot wait to go to in the morning because it’s just how you feel, what it means to work somewhere you are truly valued, and what it means to have a mutually beneficial relationship. We do not have slaves. We have team members who work toward a single goal: making the next best, simplest and easiest to use products possible, to ensure that the products do what is promised: save lives.

Are you an innovator yourself? Does Truzted resonate with your core values? Are you, like us, obsessed with perfection and with living a meaningful life? Are you already working on something of your own you believe will be useful to the world? We’d love to talk to you and see how we can help each other. Give it a try, even if you’re not interested in getting a job.

We only have to warn you of three crucial points:

  • We are fierce shakers, disruptors and swashbucklers who are utterly obsessive about our customers. Innovating to make people’s lives easier, healthier and safer is what gets our blood boiling and our heart pounding. We breathe it, we live it. It makes us feel alive. It is a core part of our DNA. Our customers’ happiness (not just their satisfaction) is our priority. We simply will not put a product into the hands of our customers until it is flawless. This is paramount for us, because we are dealing with people’s lives and, therefore, lots of legalese. So we cannot afford to hire just anyone. We’re looking for expertise and pure devotion. We’re never tired of iterating. If being in a room filled with madly passionate people does not scare you, if you are ready to be challenged by your peers and have a thick skin, and if you are not afraid to defend your ideas while being humble enough to reconsider weaknesses in them, then we are convinced you will fit right in.
  • We cannot stress the importance of this one enough: If money is your only motivation for seeking employment at Truzted, you are NOT a good fit, and chances are, that will become clear soon enough and we will certainly part ways. So please don’t even think of submitting an application! We are looking for long-term partnerships with passionate team members who are eager to change the world, who share in our vision, and who will bring value to our company. Money has a way of killing passion, and without passion, there cannot be any true value. Of course, our team members will be well-paid and will share in our profits; money is indeed important to them, but it isn’t their essential motivator. Make no mistake, we are not in this for the money. Of course, it will flow in our direction eventually and inevitably, but we are looking for commitment from our team members, people who will stick around when times get rough. It’s like a marriage for us; we’re looking for 100% pure committed love “for better or worse.” If money is your principal or only motivation, eventually you can and will find more money somewhere else, though more money in your paycheck does not always translate into more money in the bank; but only the smart, passionate one-and-perfect match will understand this.
  • If you are a developer, your knowledge will be tested, regardless of your work history.

About Truzted

Truzted is a highly selective, positive, empowering and human place where you will find the most passionate, perfectionist and relentless game changers of this world. Here at Truzted, we believe in win-win situations. You will be motivated to be yourself and to give the best of yourself. You will feel free to take the initiative, to create and put your unique imprint on Truzted products and services. Come make history with us.

Our office is located in beautiful Mountain View, California. We are currently seeking both remote and on-site contractors, medical experts, software and hardware experts, scientists, employees, managers, etc., to help us further develop our products.

We will try hard to accommodate the needs of our employees and contractors, who can work either remotely or on-site. We want to create an environment where people feel free to be creative and excel at what they do, and most importantly, an environment where people love to be.

The engineering and product challenges inherent in our one-of-a-kind application require a slew of experts in medicine, biotechnology, personal safety, and engineers with both software and hardware expertise. We also need qualified people working in areas such as marketing, technical writing, software testing, and medical and emergency care.

Community Impact: We allow and help our team members to develop their own brand new ideas into finished products, and this service is extended to everyone in the world with a valid Truzted subscription, even if they do not work at Truzted, are unemployed, or work for another company.

This is your chance to be part of an exciting new era in personal safety, community health and well-being!

Truzted is about:

  • Mutual trust, dependability and teamwork
  • Customer-driven solutions and applications
  • Individual and community responsibility
  • Keeping it real, in both internal communication and market presentation

The Truzted work day involves:

  • Thinking and thinking and thinking again, designing, developing, testing and marketing new applications, and improving, testing and marketing our current application
  • Collaboration with cutting-edge designers, developers, medical experts, researchers, marketers, and many others
  • Idea-based, open communication within our company, with our contributors, and with our growing family of users

Truzted perks & benefits are:

  • Too good and too many to mention here.

Current Job Openings

UI/UX experts – You are obsessed with making incredibly awesome products that are extremely easy to use. You are the king or queen of iteration.

Software Developers – You have created your own Open Source Software. You love codes so much that you eat codes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You just cannot get them out of your head.


Acquisition Marketing Manager

Project Managers

Bluetooth Developers

Assistants or Associate General Counsels

Computer Scientists

Contract QA Manual Software Tester

Customer Service Representatives

Hardware Engineers

Biomedical Engineers

Mobile Phone Engineers

Mobile Developers

Web Developers

Medical Research scientists

Medical Doctors, including Emergency Doctors/Critical Care doctors

Experienced DNP, MSN, NP, Cardiac and Diabetic nurses

Emergency Nurses/specialists

Embedded Firmware Developer

Emergency Response Specialists

Engineering Program Manager – Manufacturing


Front-end Web Developer

Full Stack Web Developer

Hardware and Software Engineers

Intern – Embedded Developer

Interns – UX/UI Designer

Interns – Web Developer

iOS Developers

Android Developers

Windows Phone Developers

Blackberry Developers

Nokia Developers

Marketing Copywriters

Marketing Manager

Sales Ops Manager

Example App Creator and Technical Writer: You have experience working as a professional software developer, and you have experience with different types of technical writing. You have expert knowledge of programming in C, JavaScript, iOS, Android and others.

Software Engineers

UI/UX Designers/Testing Experts

Web Development Leads – App Store

Technical writers

Expert hackers: You can hack into the most rigid structures around. Yes, we need you to put our software to the test so we can make sure our structure is robust, and to perform daily testing to make sure all possible flaws are discovered in our software.

And many more.

Please submit a resume via [email protected] and indicate which position you are interested in and why you want to be part of the Truzted team. If you are selected, you will be invited to submit an application. Please note that, if your desired position is not listed, send us a resume anyway with details of what you can offer Truzted and your desired position.