Creating a Safer and Healthier World

Creating a Safer and Healthier World

The Beginning of Something Indispensable

Truzted is not just another app. Based on nearly five years of meticulous research, design and testing by a team of experts, Truzted is a revolutionary automated global emergency response system and health monitor customized to protect you and your loved ones.
We are obsessed with detail and perfection. We have to be. This is your life on the line; we cannot afford to take any chances.

Monitor your health

Tracking your daily health and summoning emergency help if needed – on its own – while ensuring full privacy and confidentiality. Click here or scroll down to the How Does Truzted Work section to understand how this is done.


You do not have to lift a finger. There are no buttons to push, no bracelets or wristbands to wear, no base stations or special equipment needed. Even if you are unconscious, Truzted will alert the nearest authorities in their local language so that you can receive help right away.

No extra equipment needed

All you need is the smartphone or tablet you already have. Truzted transforms your smartphone into a really smart phone that serves as a smart, loyal and trusted companion.

Global coverage & Multiple languages

Truzted works anywhere in the world that your smartphone works. Truzted supports multiple languages and incorporates real-time language translation to facilitate communication with and among first response teams and doctors in separate countries.