Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is Truzted?

In simpler terms, Truzted is a life-saving app you install on your smartphone to receive emergency help when you need it but are unable to get it yourself, whether you are alert or not. Truzted also warns you of your health risks ahead of time and manages your children lives and inheritance after your demise.

Does the Truzted app work on any cell phone?

Yes! Truzted works with all smartphones that can accommodate an app— iPhone, Android, Windows phone, Nokia and Blackberry.

What is the range of Truzted?

Truzted’s range is identical to that of your cell phone.

Wherever your smartphone can be used, Truzted can be used.

Will the app need to be updated?

Yes—we are constantly improving our system.

You can receive free updates either manually or automatically through our website. We’ll notify you each time a new update becomes available.

How do I set up Truzted on my phone?

Once the app is ready, you can download your Truzted app onto your smartphone after getting it in the app store or here on our website.

You’ll be taken through the registration process, where you’ll answer a few important questions so the app will work for you and/or your loved ones. You can also get live help 24/7 from our customer support/communications center. Get help directly from your Truzted app or via phone or email. We’re always waiting to serve you and provide you with the best customer service you’ve ever had. We’ll even come to your home or workplace if you really don’t want anything to do with registration yourself. We are devoted to your health and safety and we will do whatever it takes to help you safeguard your life.

What will the funds contributed be used for?

The funds will be used for development, opening our communication centers around the world, opening our research centers and maintaining our resource platform, and for marketing, so we can tell people about this amazing solution.

When will my credit card be charged?

Within 48 hours of submitting your contribution or pre-order.

What if my elderly parent has a stroke or other medical event while they’re traveling abroad?

So long as their cell phone is working, Truzted will call for immediate medical help, regardless of the country you or your loved ones are in.

What if the user is too young to use a smartphone or computer—or past the age when they want to learn how to use one?

You can have Truzted monitor their safety remotely from your cell phone.

What if my loved one falls in the bathroom and loses consciousness, or is unable to move?

As long as the Truzted app has been turned to the ON position, its intuitive interface will know to call for help—even if the user isn’t near their phone when they fall.

Once Truzted calls the emergency team and they show up, how do they know what the user needs help with?

When Truzted calls the emergency number (for example, 911 in the USA), it gives all the necessary information on your condition to the emergency services operator. This way, the emergency personnel answering the call will know all that is needed before they even show up.

There are other mobile emergency alert apps—how is Truzted different?

There are a few mobile device emergency apps currently on the market.

However, none of these devices are equipped with systems that recognize when users are unconscious or otherwise unable to call for help. With these other emergency apps, you have to press a button that either simplifies the 911 calling process for you or notifies a call center that you need help. That center then calls you (you must be alert to speak and give details of your location and circumstances) and decides whether or not to call 911 for you. That is a lot of wasted time that counts against your chances of survival. Have you ever wondered: What if you cannot press a button? What if you pass out before you can press a button? What if you are unable to talk? That is how all those deaths in the news happen. The victims could not call 911. There is no system but Truzted that calls 911 for you and speaks on your behalf.

Truzted is revolutionary. It provides real-time situational awareness to first responders—without the user needing to lift a finger, without the responder needing to physically access the user’s phone, and without the phone needing to be close to the user.

What devices does Truzted work through?

Truzted can work through any of the following:

  • A smartphone, via the mobile device app
  • A computer, via a web interface
  • A dedicated tablet
  • Use of a Truzted service operator

So how does Truzted work? How does it know when the user needs help?

Truzted is designed to provide ongoing monitoring of an individual’s well-being.

If the user needs immediate emergency help, their monitoring device will note their distress and call for help.

Truzted knows the user’s location information. The system can also provide a host of medical and other information to emergency responders, if the user chooses.

The location information ensures that emergency responders show up at the right address, having received critical information about the user’s emergency and/or medical condition.

If you have children, elderly family members or pets at home, you would have already told Truzted what to do with them and your instructions will be followed to the letter.

Once Truzted calls the emergency team and they show up, how do they know what the user needs help with?

Truzted relays the nature of the emergency—and all other important medical information—to the 911 operator.

How can Truzted protect my child?

The system is capable of providing emergency response in cases of kidnapping, hostage-taking, carjacking, vandalism or similar situations. If your child’s life is in danger and Truzted is On, your child will receive help.

Truzted will relay your child’s location to the 911 operator, so that police officers can immediately be dispatched to the scene.

Truzted even has complementary solutions for cases when a kidnapper or any offender gets rid of your child’s phone. We try to cover all angles. And of course, when you start to use the service, you can tell us if we missed any angle. You have a meaningful say in how Truzted evolves. Your feedback will always be valued and taken into consideration. You can submit your feedback to us right from your Truzted app and receive updates on how your feedback is being handled.

Can I set up the app for my elderly parent?

Yes, definitely. Not only can you set it up for your elderly parent, but you can also manage it for them using your own smartphone.Truzted can be set up and managed remotely, either by the user or by the elderly person’s family member or caregiver on their behalf. So even if your elderly parent has a phobia of smartphones, they can still benefit from Truzted’s automated emergency help monitoring.

When my elderly mother sees a new doctor, she often forgets what medications she’s already on. I don’t want her to become over-prescribed. Can Truzted help with this?

Yes! The Truzted app provides health professionals with the user’s up-to-date metrics and medical information, so they can avoid over- or under-medicating them and/or misdiagnosing them.

If I upgrade my cell phone, will I also need an upgraded Truzted app? How long does Truzted last?

There’s never a need to upgrade with Truzted. Just download the app on your new cell phone and use your credentials to log in—that’s all it takes!

Truzted lasts forever. It can even outlive you, as long as your subscription is active. You can prepay 150 years or more in advance and Truzted can allow you to continue working on your projects even after you are no longer alive, and of course, the resulting benefits of your work are transferred to your indicated beneficiaries.

Is Truzted ahead of its time?

We guess you could say that, but our true feeling in the office is that we are a bit late. This system was born five years ago, and if it were not for money issues, many of those that died prematurely might still be with us. The irony of such an unfortunate occurrence is that most of the people who lost their lives had enough money to help us help them, if only they had known this would happen to them, and if only reaching out to them was easy. We are not proud of this, but we find solace in the hope that no one has to die in similar circumstances in the future, regardless of their social or financial status.

What does Truzted cost and how do I buy it?

Truzted is still in development. You can download the Truzted Automated Emergency Help mobile device app for free as soon as it is available! We hope to be able to keep it free forever.

We want to offer Truzted Automatic Health Monitoring for a nominal fee, so it can be affordable for everyone. You can pre-order it for $49.99/year. That’s less than fourteen cents a day. We offer Truzted Post-Life Dependent, Assets and Project Management for $99/year. However, we are still working on setting a fee for both, so their final price might be much higher. If you pre-order now, you lock in those prices for the first two years. We will send you an update when we have the final price if you have signed up. We will also be working with mobile service providers to make this process seamless. In the future, we hope to have all smartphones come preloaded with Truzted.

How can I email you?

Email us at [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

Where should I direct press inquiries?

Email us at [email protected] .