The Gift That’s Cool To Give

Truzted – The gift that’s cool to give

We want you alive and healthy, and we take it very seriously. This is our reason for being. This is in our DNA. Truzted is cool, smart, quick, free, easy to use, and ad-free. Give it as a gift to those you GENUINELY care about to show how much you cherish their lives. They’ll thank you for it. Give it as a gift to yourself to enhance your life, and to show that you truly value yourself. Others depend on you; take care of yourself!

Give the gift of life now! Give the gift of Truzted!

Enter the name and mobile phone number or email address below of anyone you want to send this gift to (including yourself). Remember this life-saving gift does NOT cost you or the person you send it to a thing. It’s FREE for you and FREE for them. No strings attached. No hidden or illegible clauses. There is no charge for this service or for signing up. We just do not want anyone to have any reason whatsoever for dying a preventable death ever again. Send this gift to as many people as you like. They will receive your gift (Truzted Fully Automated Emergency Help) in a beautiful virtual gift package as soon as Truzted becomes available. By the way, feel free to use an alias or just a first name both you and the recipient can identify.