100% fully automated emergency help is no longer in the realm of science fiction.
Truzted gets you help all on its own - you don't need to lift a finger.

Your very own privacy-protected, ever-present digital doctor

It's 2014 and we are still dying perfectly preventable deaths

The Power of Technology - One Simple App Could Have Saved Millions of Lives Lost to Preventable Deaths, and It Can Save Yours.

Today, the smartphone in your pocket is more powerful than all of the computing power NASA had in 1969 when it sent two astronauts to the moon. Every day, hundreds of new apps are released to make our lives more organized, more fun, and more beautiful. Yet there are relatively few technologies to improve our health and safety at our most vulnerable moments. People still die in situations where they might have been saved. Sadly, stories like these are still common among people from all walks of life:

Tragic Death of
Heath Ledger

Tragic Death of
Cory Monteith

Tragic Death of
Philip Seymour Hoffman

Tragic Death of
Whitney Houston

We offer our deepest condolences to the families and friends of those who have passed away in such tragic circumstances. Our work on Truzted is dedicated to their memory. Tragedies like the deaths of these celebrities, along with our own personal experiences, inspired us to create Truzted and motivate us to continue our work in developing Truzted and create a personal health and safety system worthy of the 21st century and the next generation. We may not yet have the power to change the choices they make and unfortunately, we cannot bring them back, but we can at least make sure others at risks receive timely emergency help that can potentially save their lives. Every life is worth saving.

Truzted’s mission

Reduce preventable deaths and disabilities by building a reliable and innovative life-saving product available ad-free to everyone in the world. We aim to empower people through technology to be in control of their own health and private information, no matter who they are or where they live.

Creating a Safer and Healthier World

The Beginning of Something Indispensable

Truzted is not just another app. Based on nearly five years of meticulous research, design and testing by a team of experts, Truzted is a revolutionary automated global emergency response system and health monitor customized to protect you and your loved ones.
We are obsessed with detail and perfection. We have to be. This is your life on the line; we cannot afford to take any chances.

Monitor your health

Tracking your daily health and summoning emergency help if needed - on its own - while ensuring full privacy and confidentiality. Click here or scroll down to the How Does Truzted Work section to understand how this is done.


You do not have to lift a finger. There are no buttons to push, no bracelets or wristbands to wear, no base stations or special equipment needed. Even if you are unconscious, Truzted will alert the nearest authorities in their local language so that you can receive help right away.

No extra equipment needed

All you need is the smartphone or tablet you already have. Truzted transforms your smartphone into a really smart phone that serves as a smart, loyal and trusted companion.

Global coverage & Multiple languages

Truzted works anywhere in the world that your smartphone works. Truzted supports multiple languages and incorporates real-time language translation to facilitate communication with and among first response teams and doctors in separate countries.

Help make it happen!
We need help to finish development

Truzted is seeking crowdfunding to raise at least 2.8 million USD to cover costs associated with preliminary development. Additional crowdfunding beyond the preliminary goals will allow Truzted to add live support, advanced communication centers, research centers, a health resource sharing platform, and a global health network. This innovative infrastructure has been and will continue to be safeguarded to ensure privacy and HIPAA compliance at every stage of development.

Truzted's features will be developed in phases, contingent on funding. Please join the revolution to help us bring this powerful and useful app to every smartphone on the planet and help decrease preventable deaths and diseases.

CONTRIBUTEvia Kickstarter Now

It's free to begin. We hope to be able to keep it free forever.
Truzted's global automated emergency feature will be offered free for everyone and will be ad-free. We've tried our best to make Truzted accessible by everyone, regardless of disability.

Innovative, Interactive, Reliable and of the Highest Quality

Truzted is partnering with the best experts in the fields of medicine, IT, engineering, and biotechnology to produce a reliable application that incorporates voice calls, direct messaging, HD video and conferencing to make it easy for users to communicate with health professionals around the world right from their screens.

See the Difference

We all know the current items on the market for the elderly population: alert bracelets and pendants. These were technological breakthroughs in the 1980s, but modern technology has allowed us to overcome their main flaw: that users must be conscious to use them. With Truzted, there is no need to speak a word or take any action. Truzted will get you help even if you are unconscious. Discreet, self-contained and user-friendly, Truzted is designed to function as your primary life-saving device. Even if you own other life-saving devices, you can add Truzted to your arsenal of personal protection. Do not take chances with your life! Imagine that you fall and pass out; then what? How will help be summoned? This is why you need Truzted. It is a necessity, not a commodity. You cannot go wrong with Truzted, especially because it does more than just provide automated emergency help.

Truzted may help prevent suicide

  • Get the peace of mind of knowing that your loved ones are safe all the time - even when you are not around to help them - even when they cannot help themselves.
  • Someday, you may put yourself in a dangerous, potentially fatal condition. It may be unintentional, through substances you take while enjoying yourself or managing your pain or other health conditions. It may even be intentional in the moment, but you may have a change of heart. Truzted will be your lifeline to a second chance at life.
  • According to the World Health Organization, approximately one million people die each year from suicide. It is believed that most people who end up committing suicide do not really want to die. They just want to stop suffering and are often ambivalent about the decision.

Why Truzted?

Truzted was born out of a passion to make the world a safer, healthier place.

We want to:

  • Prevent untimely deaths and life-altering injuries and illnesses
  • Mitigate the suffering caused by accidents and crime
  • Optimize your health each and every day
  • Ensure that you are never alone
  • Offer resources to address every health issue
  • Meet your emergency needs and those of your children and pets
  • Travel the world with you, protecting your safety wherever there's smartphone access. Truzted even has provisions for when you travel to places where there is no smartphone access.

Truzted - The gift that's cool to give

We want you alive and healthy, and we take it very seriously. This is our reason for being. This is in our DNA. Truzted is cool, smart, quick, free, easy to use, and ad-free. Give it as a gift to those you GENUINELY care about to show how much you cherish their lives. They'll thank you for it. Give it as a gift to yourself to enhance your life, and to show that you truly value yourself. Others depend on you; take care of yourself!

Give the gift of life now! Give the gift of Truzted!

Enter the name and mobile phone number or email address below of anyone you want to send this gift to (including yourself). Remember this life-saving gift does NOT cost you or the person you send it to a thing. It's FREE for you and FREE for them. No strings attached. No hidden or illegible clauses. There is no charge for this service or for signing up. We just do not want anyone to have any reason whatsoever for dying a preventable death ever again. Send this gift to as many people as you like. They will receive your gift (Truzted Fully Automated Emergency Help) in a beautiful virtual gift package as soon as Truzted becomes available. By the way, feel free to use an alias or just a first name both you and the recipient can identify.

Disruptive on Purpose

Changing the way you receive emergency help and medical treatment. It's about time!

Loyal like a dog, fierce like a lion, Truzted is taking a leap forward into the future.

The Truzted system will operate with all major brands of smartphones and tablets.

How does Truzted work? Part 2

Become a Truzted supporter and:

  • Help stop preventable deaths due to delayed emergency care and save lives that would otherwise be lost.
  • Help reduce the onslaught of illnesses by directing users to appropriate and timely preventive care and arming doctors with all the information and technology they need to accurately diagnose and treat you.
  • Notify emergency professionals of a particular need you may have, of appropriate treatments, and stop them from attempting potentially harmful treatments, even if you are unconscious.
  • Record important information-from the care needs of dependents and pets to the locations of financial assets and copies of vital documents-to share with only those whom you designate, only when necessary.
  • Take control of your overall health and safety!

Save the world from wherever you are!

Why should you help?

Who knows? With your help, perhaps one day we can eradicate preventable
diseases altogether. That's one of our dreams.

We feel happy to have come this far already and
we hope you will share in our happiness.

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